At Entalize, we offer a wide range of localization solutions – from translation,
audio production, QA to manual production – tailored for the entertainment industry.
By utilizing our integrated localization service all the way up to their first party master submission,
our clients are able to much more quickly and easily kick off the localization process as well as reduce the amount of time spent on localization overall.
We help to alleviate the time-constraint pressure as well as physical equipment and manpower needs that our clients would otherwise experience during game localization.


One Stop Shop Localization

By allowing Entalize to undertake all aspects of your game's localization,
we will be able to efficiently and effectively oversee
the entire localization process and provide you with the
best possible plan to achieve your ideal balance between cost and quality.
We will also centrally manage the various information
and data pieces required during localization
such as terminology consistency entirely on our end.


Our translation process involves remaining aware of the
necessary processes and tasks that take place even after the end of the translation phase,
all the way up to and including the master submission process.
During translation we remain cognizant of these ensuing localization
tasks to help you best minimize unforeseen costs throughout the localization process,
even after the translation has been completed.
As the amount of time set aside for game localization shrinks with each passing year,
our mission is to provide you with the best all-encompassing
localization plan that maintains the ideal balance between efficiency and quality.

Audio Production

Our offices house our very own specialized voice-recording studios.
By centralizing all localization work to a single entity,
we're able to quickly resolve common last-minute emergencies
that often arise such as an unexpected need to check how a particular dialogue scene plays out in-game,
or a need to quickly recover reference material data.
Because our translation,
QA and voice recording teams are all connected together in real-time,
we are able to provide the highest quality voice recording in the most efficient way possible.

Quality Assurance

Our QA service is shaped by our lengthy and rich experience gained
from localizing a huge number of games from English to Japanese.
We work to provide you with a speedy and problem-free master submission.
Whether you require Functionality Testing,
Localization QA Testing, Certification Testing,
Culturalization Testing, or any other form of testing,
we're able to tailor a plan to fit your needs.
Additionally, we have our own test kit hardware for all platforms.

Linguistic Testing
by Language Experts

In addition to providing you bug reports during Localization QA,
we can also perform the actual text fixes on our end, to help ease your workload.
Our linguistic text fix service will always strive to preserve the intended atmosphere of the gameworld,
while also ensuring our fixes are always in line with the requirements of the various platform holders.
By utilizing our joint Translation, Localization QA and Linguistic Text Fix services,
you'll be able to realize the highest quality game localization in the most efficient timeframe possible.

Other Services

We can also help you to create other localization-related
materials such as instruction manuals, packaging,
videos for submission to Japan's CERO
video game classification board, and more.
Our one-stop localization service will ensure that these materials
will be of the highest possible quality and fully consistent
with your game's content and terminology.