Information Security Management System(ISMS)

At Entalize, information assets (including information and information system) are our most important asset and the source of profitable business which is based on the following business outline and other accompanying business activities. It is also our social responsibility to prevent information security accidents.

Business outline

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To protect our information assets from information security threats, we will handle information assets accurately and safely. We will realize information security based on our business strategies and prove worthy of your trust.

1. The following are our security objectives. We will ensure steady implementation of various measures to achieve each objective.

【Security objectives】

  • ・We will respect and preserve our agreement with you and also legal or regulatory requirements.
  • ・We will prevent information security accidents.
  • ・In the event that an information security accident occurs, we will take prompt action and minimize the effect of the occurrence.

2. We will express the intention of our management team regarding our approach to information security. Based on this, we will then define guidelines for action to adequately structure and operate ISMS. We will endeavor to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of important information assets and continue to secure and improve their effectiveness.

3. We will create the necessary organizational structure to operate ISMS by appointing an information security management officer and establishing an information security committee.

4. We will establish systematic procedures and evaluation standards regarding risk assessment and take appropriate risk measures based on risk assessment to maintain acceptable standards of risks associated with all important information assets we handle.

5. We will conduct training sessions on a regular basis for all employees and determine their effect to enhance the maintenance of ISMS.

6. We will adequately handle personal data, including specific personal information, in accordance with related laws, regulations and other rules.

Kazuhide Umeda
Executive Vice President
Entalize CO., LTD.
October 20, 2017
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