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ENTALIZE is a company that localizes entertainment contents.

GAME LOCALIZATION is complete when you succeed in conveying the culture ad inspiration of the original game

ENTALIZE specializes in localizing English games to Japanese.
We offer total support in all aspects of game localization.
The main point in game localization is to produce a game that is free of stress and discomfort and is enjoyable by the users of the target market, while also trying to incorporate the intentions and inspirations of the actual game developers.
To achieve this, we need to understand various elements relating to the game, including its background and target market, all of which must be accurately reflected in the final localized product.
So if the target market is Japan, then we believe it is best to localize in Japan.
This is our definition of genuine localization.

PLANNING AND PRODUCING: Accomplishing the impossible

Globalization is expanding even in the field of games.
More and more games are being simultaneously launched worldwide.
As a result, the time frame set aside for localization is becoming extremely tight.
One of ENTALIZE's strength is the power to plan and produce.
We have acquired this through our experience and achievements in localizing several hundred game titles. By applying our know-how that has pulled us through various tough situations, we may at times make the impossible possible.
Feel free to consult us.

EFFICIENCY, SPEED ad QUALITY: Value-added localization

As competition in the game industry intensifies, time devoted to game development is also facing a cut back. ENTALIZE fully understands that game development is now a fight against time. In such times, high level of "EFFICIENCY", "SPEED" and "QUALITY" are expected in localization. From various tasks including translation, audio recording and QA to master submission, we will fully utilize our one-stop service to meet our client needs.

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