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Localization for the Entertainment Industry



Localization in Tune With Your
Target Audience

Entalize specializes in localizing games for the Japanese market.
We offer extensive support in all aspects of game localization.
A successful game localization is one that maintains the creators'
original intentions and aspirations while at the same time
creating something that consumers in the target market can easily play
without experiencing anything that feels awkward or unnatural.
In order to achieve this one needs have a full understanding
of the game itself as well as a strong familiarity with the target
market to ensure all aspects of the game are accurately reflected
in the localization. We believe that the truest localization comes
from performing the work with staff within the target market territory.


Accomplishing the Impossible

Just as with other products and services, more games are being simultaneously launched worldwide and the time frame set aside for localization is getting shorter with each passing year.
One of Entalize's strengths comes from our ability to leverage the expertise gained through working on the localization of hundreds of titles over the years. By applying the know-how that we have acquired in the course of overcoming numerous challenging situations, we may at times make the impossible possible.


Better, Faster,
Stronger Localization

As competition in the game industry intensifies, time devoted to game
development is becoming a precious and valued commodity. Entalize fully understands
that more than ever game development is a fight against time. In such times,
a high level of efficiency, speed and quality are needed in localization.
Our full array of services covers translation, audio production, QA and more,
allowing us to offer you the solution to meet your needs up to release... and beyond.